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St. Justin Martyr School

SJM Weekly Newsletter 3/26/2019

March 26, 2019     Issue 29 Vol.45

Message From Our Principal


Dear SJM Families,

LENT:  The closer God gets, the more alive we become. But the mystery of sin is that we resist the invasion of God; we prefer to go our own way; we cling to our own prerogatives and our own narrow freedom. And the result is lifelessness. It feels like depression, like your life is going nowhere—in Dante’s language, like being “lost in a dark wood.”

We can run out of time. We can become so resistant to God’s grace that our leaves dry up. This is not divine vengeance; it is spiritual physics. So don’t be afraid of God! Surrender to him.

FAITH FACT: 15th Station – Stations of the Cross or Way of the Cross commemorates 14 key events leading up to Christ’s crucifixion.  Although Stations of the Cross focus primarily about commemorating the passion and death of Christ, resurrection is the ultimate triumph we’re waiting for.  The liturgy never focuses on the death of Christ without recalling his resurrection.  Some forms of the Stations of the Cross include a 15th station to recall the resurrection.  The Stations of the Cross can be performed in church together as a parish community or privately, at any time of the year, even at home.

Mrs. Balsis

Hot Lunch For April Now Available

Family Dinner Night at Portillo’s

Family Dinner Night at Portillo’s
Joins for our Family Dinner Night at Portillo’s Restaurant on Thursday, April 4th, 2019.
Please download the Flyer below, and 20% of all proceeds will go to St. Justin Martyr School.
Hope to see you there!

Rosary Academy will host an Athletic Open House

Rosary Academy will host an Athletic Open House on Monday, April 8, 6:00-8:00 pm for girls in grades 5th-8th. Guests will learn why families choose Rosary, hear from guest speakers about the advantages of an all-girls education, and how students are prepared to become collegiate athletes. Click HERE to access the PDF print version. Families may register at


See’s Candies Fundraiser

Sign up to help offer See’s candies to St. Justin Martyr parishioners this and/or the following weekend after mass. Children who accompany the parent will have a free dress day next week if they come in full uniform.
If you have any questions, please reach out to
Mrs. Ocampo at:
or Mrs. Montes at:
If you would like to help, please sign up for a shift By clicking the button below:

The deadline to submit orders April 4th.

Registration For the 2019-2020 school year

Every SJM family should have received a registration packet, including instructions to make sure that every portion is completed. Please use the attached cover letter to help you verify that each step is complete. Packets will only be accepted when all portions are COMPLETE.
Click Here To View Instructions

Elder Abuse Prevention Workshop

St. Irenaeus Health Ministry invites you to attend a free workshop on “How to Recognize, Prevent and Address Elder Abuse,” presented by Kelli Morris, JD, LLM from the Southern Calif. Council on Aging from 7 – 8:30 p.m on Monday, May 20. “Come learn about the growing crime of elder financial abuse and how to avoid it! We’ll identify common scams that target seniors and talk about where and when scams and other suspected abuse should be reported.” St. Irenaeus is at 5201 Evergreen Ave. in Cypress. More Information: Rosemary Lewallen at (562) 400-3724

Sacred Cloths of the Passion Exhibit and Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit
St. Nicholas Catholic Church in Laguna Woods will host two inspiring events on April 12-14: The Sacred Cloths of the Passion Exhibit and the Vatican’s Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit.
Click Here For More Info

Sign Your Child Up For The Upcoming Beginner Martial Arts Class


When a student is absent, it is the parent’s /guardian’s’ responsibility to telephone the school office each day before 8:30 AM and relates the reason for the absence.  Our phone system is capable of receiving a message to report an absence, anytime, day or night. Please direct all attendance issues and inquiries to the front office where the applicable records are kept.

April is national Child Abuse Prevention Month. It is most appropriate that Child Abuse Prevention Month is held during the Easter season as there is no better time than this when we experience renewal and growth that we celebrate the protection of our most valuable gift from God – our children. For information on how you can become more informed and involved in keeping our children safe, log on or visit the Diocesan Office of Youth Protection web page at:


Welcome to our segment featuring an article written by one of our students. This week, we have an article by Alyssa P. examining themes in “The Outsiders”.

Will friends always be there for you? In The Outsiders friends are always there for each other no matter what. There are many themes in The Outsiders, but there are only three main ones. One theme from The Outsiders is true friends stick together through good and bad times. Another theme from The Outsiders is the world can make people grow up before their time. Finally, the last theme is family can affect you for good or bad. Family may not always be there but friends are there for you 24/7. Throughout the story, the greasers  face many challenges, but at the end of the day, they all have each other’s back. One theme that is a part of The Outsiders is true friends stick together through good and bad times. This theme is seen in the novel when Ponyboy runs away to the church with Johnny after he killed Bob. Ponyboy didn’t have to run away with him but he decided to and stuck by his side. On page 27 Ponyboy says, “Our one rule, besides stick together is don’t get caught.” This quote means that all greasers stick together no matter what happens or when it happens. Their number one rule is to stick together, it’s their most important rule. Many of The Greaser’s rules are about friendship. Time goes by fast, but in The Outsidersthe reader can clearly see the world can make people grow up before their own time. This theme is seen in the novel when jail made Dally cold, hard, and tough. Dally had spent three years on the wild side of New York and had been arrested at the age of ten. He had to grow up fast for being in jail at such a young age. Jail changed Dally but not in a good way. On page 97, Ponyboy said: “He was seventeen or so, but he was already old.” Ponyboy was talking about Randy, he looked old to him he had pain in his eyes. Randy was just another soc. This quote means that no matter how old you actually are the world can make you look and seem older the way you act to others and yourself. To a family, their kids can grow up
Family will always be there for you but sometimes it can lead to bad things. A final theme is family can affect you for good or bad. This theme is seen in the novel when Darry slapped Ponyboy for sleeping in the lot. Soda tried to stand up for Ponyboy but he just got yelled at from Darry. On page 43, Ponyboy said, “Johnny’s parents didn’t care if he came home or not.” This quote means familyisn’t always the best and it can be bad. It can affect a person in a negative manner and just make a person feel useless. Johnny’s own parents didn’t even care where he was or what he was doing. Even though it can be bad  it also begood. Ponyboy never said anything bad about Sodapop, all he did was love him. People may think that friends won’t always be there for you but in The Outsiders friends are closer than ever. The themes discussed here are the most important to the reader. There might have been way more, but the themes about friends and family are the most important to young readers. Although family can be bad, it can also be good. The Outsiders was an amazing book to read. With all the challenges they faced it just made everyone stronger and closer. I would most definitely read this book again because it was full of excitement and curiosity.