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St. Justin Martyr School

8th Grade

Short Personal Bio:

Although Ms. Faecke was born in Virginia, she is for the most part, a California native. She moved to Buena Park when she was six and attended St. Pius V in Buena Park for grades 1-8.  Her high school alma mater is Western High School in Anaheim. After graduation she attended California State University, Fullerton where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies and a Multiple Subject CLAD teaching credential. While attending CSUF she was part of the President’s Scholars program for four years. After graduating from CSUF, she started teaching at St. Justin Martyr School as a sixth grade homeroom teacher and the social studies teacher for grades 5-8. While teaching the upper grades, she went back to CSUF to complete a Master’s Degree in history. She taught the sixth grade for two years and then moved to third grade for nine years where she taught 4th grade social studies for one year and team taught art and music with second grade for two years. Finally, Ms. Faecke made the move back “upstairs” to teach fifth grade homeroom and 5-8 social studies once again. Last year, she moved to eighth grade and is in her second year teaching this grade level. Ms. Faecke comes from a family of seven, with four younger brothers, and has been a resident of Anaheim for 13 years.


Curriculum Summary:


5th Grade

Units Covered:

-Early American Indian tribes who settled the Americas

-Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch, and English Explorers

-New England, Southern, and Middle Colonies in the United States

-Causes of the Revolutionary War

-The Revolutionary War

-Launching a New Government

-Westward Movement




-Boston Tea Party Debate

-History Pockets

-State Report

-Immigration Project

-Read Aloud Novels

-Who’s Who Flip Book (American Revolution)


6th Grade

Units Covered:

-Ancient People (Hunters & Gatherers)







-Rome & Christianity



-Pyramid Project

-Roman Feast

-Greek Artifact Museum

-Origami Pamphlet (Israel)

-Fans (China)



7th Grade

Units Covered:



-Asian Civilizations

-Medieval Societies

-Europe 1300-1600

-Civilizations of the Americas

-Europe 1600-1789



-Castle Game

-African Masks

-Wonder Circles (Asian Civilizations)

-History Web (Europe 1300-1600)

-Pocket-Folder Book (Civilizations of the Americas)


8th Grade

Units Covered:

-The Constitution

-Development of America’s Regions (The North & the South)

-Causes of the Civil War & the Civil War


-The Industrial Age

-The Gilded Age

-The Reform Age

-WWI & WWII (Concentration Camps & Internment Camps)

-Cold War & Modern America (Pluralism, Democracy, Elections, U.S. Presidents)


-Branches of Government Mobile

-Industrial Revolution (Assembly Line and Marketing Project)

-Election Packet

-Concentration Camp vs. Internment Camp Project

-Lincoln/Douglas Debate

-ABC Research (Constitution Project)

-Trioramas (Civil War)

-Trifold Activities (Civil Rights Movement)

-Matchbook Report (WWI)


Short Tech use Summary:

Grades 5-8 have been using one-on-one technology in the form of iPads for at least four years and have been using Discovery Education tech books in social studies and science for at three years. For the last two years, the seventh and eighth grade have also used a digital literature series in the form of StudySync which incorporates everything from writing prompts, to skill based activities and tests. In addition, the students use many forms of Google from Google Docs to Google Classroom, and many programs in between, on a daily basis. Within the social studies program, students all use programs such as iMovie, Nearpod, Kahoot, and Google Slides. Students in grades 5-8 create board builders in Discovery Education for presentations and can manipulate both pictures and text to demonstrate their learning to their classmates. Technology has become a part of daily life for grades 5-8, enabling students to work in stations and groups, and to demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of ways.