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St. Justin Martyr School

7th Grade

Short Personal Bio:

Ms. Yu is so grateful to be part of the St. Justin Martyr family for this second year. Originally from Reseda, California, Ms. Yu graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and double major in English. After working in Catholic education through teaching poetry, she realized her calling to teach middle school students a subject she loves – English! Currently, Ms. Yu is also in the second year of pursuing a Master’s degree in Education through the University of Notre Dame’s ACE program (Alliance for Catholic Education). Through this program, she was connected to St. Justin Martyr and has joyfully been teaching 5th through 8th grade students how improving our writing voices leads to stronger leaders and champions in Christ.


Curriculum Summary:

In Ms. Yu’s English classes, we are focused on how the writer’s voice can develop and grow through consistent writing of various genres. In each grade in the middle school, we focus on the three main types of writing at various times of the year; these types of writing include narrative, argumentative, and informative writing. We also work on grammar and mechanical skills to emphasize that strong writing begins with crafting a strong sentence. With each piece of writing, we aim to have our voices heard.


Short Tech use Summary:

In English, while we still value the notebook and pen, we are also grateful for the technological tools we are able to use to develop our writing skills. The main technology tools we have used so far are Google Apps for Education – specifically, Google Docs, in which students type, revise, and edit their essays and Google Classroom, in which students can submit their assignments. Additionally, we have used websites for grammar and mechanics practice, such as and Both are programs that create individualized lessons for students based on their skill level for particular grammar and mechanical areas.