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St. Justin Martyr School

6th Grade

Short Personal Bio:

I am the sixth grade homeroom and middle school mathematics teacher (grades 5-8) at St. Justin Martyr. I am very excited to be apart of this community of teachers, parents, and students and I am looking forward to all of our activities this school year. Just to give a brief introduction about myself, I am a credentialed teacher from California State University, Long Beach. Through Cal State, I have earned my Bachelors in Education and Masters in Education with an option in Mathematics. Prior to this position, I worked as a substitute teacher in the Garden Grove District for three years and a private tutor for more than eight years.

Curriculum Summary:

MATH- McGraw Hill Course 1

  1. Ratios and Proportional Relationships
  1. Ratios and Rates
  2. Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
  1. The Number System
  1. Compute with Multi-digit numbers
  2. Multiply and divide fractions
  3. Integers and the Coordinate Plane
  1. Expressions and Equations
  1. Expressions
  2. Equations
  3. Functions and Inequalities
  1. Geometry
  1. Area
  2. Volume and Surface Area
  1. Statistics and Probability
  1. Statistical Measures
  2. Statistical Displays


  1. Life Science
  2. Structure and Function of Cells
  3. Reproduction and Heredity
  4. Changing and Adapting
  5. Ecosystems and Biomes
  6. Physical Science
  7. Heat and Matter
  8. Changes in Matter
  9.  Moving Objects
  10.  Light, Color and Sound

III. Earth Science

  1. Technology and Weather
  2. Earth Processes
  3. Exploring the Universe
  4. Resources and Conservation
  5. Human Body
  6. Your Body’s Control System
  7. Drugs and Your Body

SOCIAL STUDIES- Discovery Tech Book

  • Ancient People (Hunters & Gatherers)
  • Mesopotamia
  • Egypt
  • India
  • China
  • Greece
  • Rome


  • Pyramid Project
  • Roman Feast
  • Greek Artifact Museum
  • Ice Man (Otzi) Archaeology Study
  • Fans (China)
  • Cultural Graveyards


Genres Covered: Realistic fiction, personal narratives, expository, narrative fictions, informational articles, persuasive articles, historical fiction, poetry, biography, drama and myth.

Themes Covered: Changes, Excursions Across Time,  Accomplishments, Challenges, Discoveries, and Taking Action.

Each week students will learn 8 vocabulary words that tie into their story as well as a spelling list given on Spelling City. Students are tested on the genre, story, vocabulary, and spelling by the end of each week.

RELIGION- We Believe (Sadlier)

  1. Forming the Covenant
  2. Building the Covenant Nation
  3. Redefining the Covenant People
  4. The Covenant Fulfilled in Jesus

Short Tech use Summary:

Students in sixth grade each have their own iPads that they are responsible before. They use their iPads to take notes in both math and reading on notability. They also use Google Docs to write assignments and turn them in on Google Classroom. The students also have an online tech-book for social studies and science where they can read the content of the lesson.

Aside from the daily content, students are encouraged to use their iPads as a resource for additional help. Students each have an ST math account that exposes them to different math concepts at their own pace and level. They use spelling city to learn, review, and test their spelling words. They use Epic to read online books at their level. They take AR tests on their iPads when finished reading a book. They use the internet as a research tool help them throughout projects.