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St. Justin Martyr School

4th Grade

About Ms. Moran:

This is my first year at St. Justin Martyr school and am so blessed to be teaching at this school. I was born and raised Catholic and am so thrilled to be working in an environment where both components, academics and faith, are being taught to students. I have received my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Azusa. I also hold a Masters in Education and a Bachelor’s in Child and Adolescent studies.

Curriculum Summary:

Fourth grade covers various subject areas throughout the year. Language Arts covers many reading genres such as Fairytailes, Expository text and Realistic Fiction. The students also participate in writers workshop and are given monthly writing prompts. Math has the students develop understanding and fluency with multi-digit multiplication, and developing understanding of dividing to find quotients involving multi-digit dividends. Also they begin to develop an understanding of fraction equivalence, addition and subtraction of fractions with like denominators, and multiplication of fractions by whole numbers. This is also the year California history is covered and the students get to build their own missions. Researching and forming a well structured mission report is also part of the project.

My teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of education is that every child should have the right to learn
and have a quality education. The child that enters the classroom should
feel safe and comfortable, and the classroom should be nurturing and
enriching. In order to meet individual challenges, the teacher should
individualize instruction to assist children with different learning
preferences. Lessons should be structured into various learning methods
by incorporating auditory, kinesthetic, and visual techniques. The classroom
should be a loving community that spiritually and academically challenges
and inspires students to impact the world based on Catholic Values.

Classroom Management

Classroom rules and expectations are to be followed at ALL times. This will
allow the class to maintain a positive and successful school day.

Rules and Expectations

1. The “Golden Rule” (treat others the way you want to be
2. Be honest
3. Keep hands and feet to yourself
4. No running and screaming
5. Be respectful
6. Don’t disturb others


Whole Group- The students will be allowed to fill in a gumball machine in
order to receive a special treat and movie. Gumballs are given when the
class is on task, following directions and/or are being kind to one another.
Independently- Students will be able to receive a, “Caught Being Good”
slip. They will be announced in the morning in front of their peers. We will
be using classroom Dojo points. They will have a goal set for the end of the
week, and if reached that week they will be allowed to pick a prize from the
prize box. Dojo points will be reset every two weeks.


If student chooses to make bad decisions they will be warned and dojo
points will be taken. If they end the two weeks with any negative points they
will receive a detention.


Final grades will be based on a percentage scale. Displayed on the
students work will be seen as a fraction. The fraction will be determined by
having total number correct on the top and the total possible points will be
on the bottom. At the end of the trimester the points will be added and
displayed as a percentage, which corresponds to the correct letter.
A = 95%-100%
A- = 90%-94%
B+ = 87%-89%
B = 83%-86%
B- = 80%-82%
C+ = 77%-79%
C = 73%-76%
C- = 70%-72%
D+ = 67%-69%
D = 63%-66%
D- = 60%-62%
F = 59%-50%


Make up work- If the student is absent he/she will be given the same
number of days to complete and return the work for full credit. Work missed
will be available to be picked up at the end of the same day or will be
gathered and placed on students desk for when he or she returns to
Late work-All late work, with the exception of excused emergencies and
illnesses, will receive an automatic zero. Students may still turn in late work

to earn 1/2 credit. Any incomplete work will be graded as is. If work if
consistently incomplete or late the student will receive a detention.


Homework will be given Monday through Thursday, and will be assigned at
the end of each day. It will be the students responsibility to write down their
homework on their planner before leaving for the day. Homework allows the
child to review any concept taught in school, and gives them extra practice.
Homework also helps the student gain independent responsibility by
making sure that it is completed and returned the next morning. The
student should make sure to read at least 30 minutes each night.

Dress Code

Please follow the dress code that is in the handbook
– Tuesday and Thursday- PE uniform
– Friday Mass and/or special occasions- full dress uniform


If you are interested in bring any birthday treats, please notify me in


Please call or email me with any question, concerns or additional
information needed.
– email:


Tech Use:

Each student is issued their own iPad for the school year. Throughout the year the iPads are being used to assist with all subject areas. Several apps like ST math and Sumdog are used daily. This is also the year that each student is given an email and guided to properly use it.