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St. Justin Martyr School

3rd Grade

Short Personal Bio:  

After receiving my elementary and secondary education in Garden Grove public schools, I attended and graduated from Cal State Fullerton and Chapman University.  Having converted to Catholicism in college, I feel fortunate to be able to teach in a Catholic school. I have taught in Catholic schools, grades 5,6,7, and 8.  I am currently enjoying teaching 3rd grade.  

Curriculum Summary:

Third grade covers a variety of subjects and topics.  Religion focuses on the Church – how it began, vocations and various roles of service today, and ways in which we can be active in local parish life.  Math is based on Common Core standards through operations and algebraic thinking, fractions, and measurement and data.  Language Arts incorporates reading in a variety of genres, grammar, handwriting, and spelling.  Science includes all three types – life science, physical science, and earth science.  Social Studies focuses on the various land features in the United States, and the Native Americans that lived in these areas.


Your child is expected to follow the class rules at all times. Not only are they necessary for learning in the classroom, they are a means of teaching your child self-discipline, respect for self and others, and courtesy.


Marbles – The class as a whole has the opportunity to earn marbles for demonstrating good behavior. When the marble jar is filled the class will get an agreed upon reward.

‘Caught Being Good’ – If a student is ‘caught being good’ by a teacher or another student, they will get a slip for a daily drawing at morning announcements. If their slip is chosen they will get a special prize from the office.


Work that has been graded will have a number earned over the number of points possible. The points will culminate at the end of each trimester, and correspond with a final percentage that will be utilized to determine a letter grade, using the following range:

A = 95%-100%

A- = 90%-94%

B+= 87%-89%

B = 83%-86%

B- = 80%-82%

C+= 77%-79%

C = 73%-76%

C- = 70%-72%

D+= 67%-69%

D = 63%-66%

D- = 60%-62%

F = 50%-59%


Please do not send your child to school sick! When your child is absent, another student will be in charge of writing down and gathering the work for him/her. The work will be available for you to pick up the same day, if you request it. Please request homework from the office as early as possible, and they will notify me. If it is not picked up, it will be saved until your child comes back to school. For each day absent there will be one day given for completing and turning in assignments. Tests will be made up as well.


Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions, concerns, or information. My school email is This is the easiest way to reach me, but you can also send a note with your child. I will also let you know about any important information. Please check the grade program at home as often as possible. I will post within a seven day cycle and will include comments, missing assignments, and conduct updates.


Practice work (formerly known as homework 🙂 will be sent home Monday through Thursday. Each student will be responsible for writing down his/her practice work in his/her planner. Please review the planner and practice work with your child each night. Please initial each assignment box when you have checked to see that all the assignments have been completed.

Practice work is very important. It allows time for your child to work on things at home that he/she is learning in class. Please support your child in his/her effort to develop individual responsibility through turning in daily practice work on time that represents ‘their’ best work.

Another thing that is very important is reading with your child every night. This is part of their required reinforcement, as well as being quality time with your child. Set up a routine with your child so that he/she has a certain time of day in a special place for practice work. For 3rd grade, approximately 20 minutes of reading each night is sufficient.

This also speaks to the AR program, which will continue this year. Your child will have an opportunity each day to read his/her AR book and/or take a test. Therefore, please make sure that your child has his/her AR book at school every day.

LATE WORK – St. Justin’s has a homework policy for grades 3-8. Homework is collected at the beginning of each school day. Students will not be allowed to call home for work. Generally speaking, homework is an extension of what is taught in class. Students will sometimes have class time to start their assignments and will finish these assignments as homework. The homework folder and planner should come home Monday through Thursday. Large projects will be ongoing, and all paperwork will be sent home well in advance. Late projects lose 10 points per day. Please help your child work through their projects gradually rather than all at once.


Students are responsible for their own supplies. They need to have all supplies with them each day for class, including control paper, which is required for all assignments that will be turned in and can be purchased at the office. This also means that supplies that need to be replaced should be done in a timely manner so that your child can fully participate in classroom assignments and activities.


Please follow the dress code that is stated in the handbook. Dress code check will be done periodically. Failure to comply will result in a written notice. Please have the infraction corrected by the next day or the next time that uniform needs to be worn. Students need to be in full uniform dress for Mass (Fridays) and on special occasions (awards assemblies, field trips). Students will not be able to call home. Students wear their P.E. uniforms on P.E. days (Tuesdays and Thursdays), but this is superseded by full uniform dress days.


If you would like to bring in treats for your child’s birthday, please let me know in advance.

I’m looking forward to spending this year with you. Together we can create a wonderful, meaningful year of growth for your child.


The 3rd grade uses several programs that enhance student learning, and differentiate to meet students at their own personal level.  The students enjoy Spelling City, Sumdog, ST Math, and Accelerated Reading.  The students find these programs fun and engaging, as well as a great addition to their curriculum.