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St. Justin Martyr School

2nd Grade


Short Personal Bio:

Hello, my name is Mrs. Pelayo and I am the Second Grade Teacher  at St. Justin Martyr. I graduated  from San Jose State University with a BA in Child Development , Masters in Multicultural Education , and a Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. I have been in the Education field for over ten years and continue to love what I do. What I love most about working in a Catholic School is the ability to practice my faith freely each and every day with my students. I enjoy  learning about the field of education and make it a priority to keep myself up to date on new teaching practices.


Curriculum Summary:

In Second Grade we continue to improve reading levels,fluency, and accuracy. We learn a variety of strategies to comprehend different kinds of reading, story elements, and character settings. In math we will identify, compare, read,  and write numbers 0-999. We will use fractions, tell time,measure length, and write number sentences.  In writing we will be able to write 5 or more logical sequenced sentences.  We will focus on common punctuation, capitalization, descriptive details, and legible handwriting. Science will include exploration of the Life cycle, properties of matter,and weather. In social studies we will identify and show good citizenship, learn about different US symbols, families and communities , as well as intro to economics.  


Tech Summary:

In second grade we use Computers to work on Math Games such as Sum Dog and GG Math.

We also use Computers for AR testing to help keep track of books read by each student, and as a means of assessing compression.